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High-Voltage Impedance Analyzer

A powerful electrochemical analyzing method

The AC impedance method is a powerful electrochemical analyzing method in which the electrochemical factor can be obtained by measuring the impedance from the reacting current or voltage after applying an AC voltage or current that have various ranges of frequencies to the working electrode, while the electrochemical reaction properties of the charge transfer and mass transfer can be simultaneously measured.

By utilizing a high-voltage AC impedance analyzer, the AC impedance of a high-voltage electric vehicle battery, an energy storage system (ESS), and the fuel cell stack can be measured (which up until now have been unable to measure), and the equivalent circuit can be analyzed. The results of the AC impedance and the analyzed data can be used to perform useful analysis as the indicators of product process management, quality management, and testing the inspection/diagnosis of industrial sites for the basic research and development of high-voltage electrochemical devices.

  • Bode Plot
  • Nyquist Plot

Battery Performance Diagnosis Solution

Quick and accurate diagnosis of the battery performance

Recently, the spread and supply of electrochemical devices such as electric vehicles and ESS (Energy Storage Systems) are expanding exponentially. Accordingly, reliable battery state and performance diagnostic solutions have become essential.
MinTech's battery diagnosis solution enables the quick and accurate diagnosis of battery state and performance of electric vehicles and energy storage systems through conducting a complex diagnosis using a combination of various methods such as the EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy), DC-TRA (Transient Response Analysis) and Capacity-Method.

Reusable Battery Energy Storage System

Contributing to the Expansion of the Cyclical Economy and Conservation of the Global Environment

MinTech uses its own battery diagnostic solution to inspect, diagnose, and classify used batteries from electric vehicles. Utilizing these technologies, we provide the optimum reusable battery energy storage system that meets customer needs.

The energy storage system is used in many areas of life and industries such as the linkage of new & renewable energy (solar heat, sunlight, wind power, marine energy, fuel cell, hydrogen energy, etc.), FR (Frequency Regulation), peak reduction, mobile electric vehicle charging system, home/industrial uninterruptible power supplies, etc. Also, ESS is one of the most effective ways to meet social needs such as environmental conservation and the efficient use of energy.
MinTech provides a one-stop-solution from the diagnosis and evaluation of the battery, which is an essential element of the energy storage system, through to the installation of ESS. Equipped with excellent technology and abundant experience, we always provide the best energy storage system solutions to satisfy our customer's requirements.

Business Performance

JEJU Techno Park: Supplied the battery diagnostic system and battery inspection system to the Electric Vehicle Battery Industrialization Center

EVAR: An energy storage system for the mobile electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Korea Electric Power Research Institute: Performed a development service for the electric vehicle battery state diagnosis with KEPRI.

Development and supply of the 1 MWh energy storage system based on a used battery from electric vehicles.