Challenges and Contributions for Innovation and Growth in the Electrochemical Industry
MinTech is a venture company founded in June 2015, shaped by the vision of "Challenges and Contributions for Innovation and Growth in the Battery and Energy Storage System Industries". As a result of its experience in the design, development and mass production of lithium secondary batteries, our specialists equipped with the ability to implement electrochemical-based battery analysis methods and diagnostic algorithms continue to develop battery diagnostic solutions. These battery diagnostic solutions can be extended and applied to electric vehicle battery diagnostic systems, ESS diagnostic systems, redox flow battery diagnostic systems, and fuel cell diagnostic systems. We are now the world's leading company in the battery diagnostic solution and high-voltage impedance analyzer fields.

Business Domain

Revitalize the Battery Reuse Industry and Build a Circular Economy

The MinTech battery diagnostic solution is applicable to the electric vehicle battery diagnosis systems, ESS diagnostic systems, redox flow battery diagnosis systems, and fuel cell diagnosis systems. Our future plans will allow us to contribute to the activation of the battery and the battery reuse industries, and the establishment of a cyclical economy through the development of battery state diagnosis technology.

Battery Diagnostics Solution

In order to improve air quality and actively respond to climate change around the world, internal combustion engine vehicles are being switched to eco-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. As the supply of electric vehicles spreads, it is expected that the amount of used batteries that will stem from the electric vehicles will increase rapidly after 2020. The battery life of electric vehicles is 5 to 10 years, and 70 to 80% of the initial capacity of a battery can still be used even after it has been utilized. Depending on the residual performance of the battery, it can be reused in various industries such as an energy storage system (ESS), personal mobility, solar-streetlight power supply, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Even if may be somewhat difficult to reuse, it is still possible to recycle valuable metal recoveries such as nickel, cobalt, and manganese, thus, presenting the distinct possibility of forward and backward linkages in industries.

Reuse Battery Energy Storage

In order to reuse or reutilize the battery of an electric vehicle, it is necessary to inspect and diagnose the safety and performance of the detached battery. Depending on the results of the diagnosis, the batteries should be classified as reusable batteries and batteries recycled after disposal. MinTech has developed and distributed a battery inspection solution and diagnostic system that can inspect and diagnose the state of the electric vehicle battery under optimal conditions, and not only this, we are now contributing to the expansion of the cyclical economy and conservation of the global environment.

Core Technology

High-Voltage EIS Analysis Technology
  • The only High-Voltage AC Impedance Analyzer in Korea
  • World's Highest Voltage Specification : ~ 1,000V
  • An ability to inspect and diagnose High-Voltage Electric Vehicles and ESS
  • Wide Frequency Bandwidth: 0.1Hz ~ 4kHz
  • Various Electrochemical System Analyses and Inspections
  • Application of the Hydrogen Electric Vehicle (fuel cell) Inspection and Diagnosis
Reuse of Used Batteries from Electric Vehicles
  • High-Voltage EIS / TRA Inspection and Analysis Technology
  • Electrochemical-based Analysis Techniques and Diagnostic Algorithm
  • Our own SOC, SOH, SOP, and SOB Algorithms
  • Battery Interface/ BMS Design
  • High-Voltage Large Capacity EV / ESS Battery System Design
  • High-Voltage Battery Transportation, Disassembly, Storage, and Processing Technologies
  • Battery Test Inspection Diagnosis Standards and Engineering
Battery Software Solution
  • AC Impedance Analysis and Operation SW
  • BMS / PMS / EMS and Communication Monitoring
  • Battery Inspection Diagnosis Integrated Operating Program (BDS)
  • Integrated Management of the Battery History using Blockchain
  • Real-time Battery Inspection Diagnosis System (RTD)
  • Opening the BMS / Battery DB Operating System
  • Big Data, Deep Learning, A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

Executive team

  • Young Jin Hong CEO
  • Hee Kyung Myung S/W Solution Div.
  • Jae Hoon Lee Business Div.
  • Ho Ki Kim General Management Div.
  • Jae Kyu Kim Business Development Team
  • Gwang Ho Baik ABT Team
  • Young Jae Lee R&D Center
  • Sang Bok Kim MZ21 Team
  • In Ho Cho Dongtan R&D Center
  • Min Sang Seo Product Development
  • Keun Young Lee Product Quality Team